Norbert Bear
Welcome the wonderful world of...
Cat's Creatures!
Private First Class
the Admiral
Myrtle the Tyrtle
the Wizard
the Good Father

All of Cat's Creatures are the much-loved children of artist, writer and sculptor Cat Hainfeld --that's me!

Each character reflects an element of my own character, or of someone I love. They help me remember to laugh, to be kind, to smile, to think up mischievious pranks, to hug my friends. I am so glad to share these with the world! I hope you will find a critter here who warms your heart as much as they do mine.

May these creatures bring happiness to you and yours!

--Cat Hainfeld
the wild sculptress
the Spaceman Zuzu

Thought for the Day:

Bats are cute, they're cuddly,
and they fit in your pocket.
What more do you want?

The story behind this one, and past Thoughts for the Day